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Saturday, March 24, 2012

we carry our babies in our tummies for 9 long months.
we protect them for 9 long months.
we grow for 9 long months.

those months seem a easy compared to our journey towards our sweet growing family.  i stated before that we were wrestling with how many children we were going to adopt.  we are glad to announce our prayers have been answered.  let me share with you the vision that God placed in my heart and my mind this past week.

it was a vision of my sweet daughter.  she was sitting on the grass.  her long hair curled simply at the ends.  she was wearing a light blue dress.  on her right was jt wearing jeans and a white button down.  on her left was her adopted brother wearing the same thing as jt.  in her lap was a little boy.  in a button down & a cute little hat.

this image is so beyond beautiful to me.  it was as if God painted this in my mind never to be erased.  it was in that moment that we knew God had called us to adopt two little boys from DRC.  two little boys that i will not carry in my tummy, but i have carried in my mind for 15 years.  that i have carried in my heart for the last 6.  and soon i will see their sweet faces.  soon i will be given brief glimpses into their lives.  i will be shown 1, maybe 2 pictures.  we will know how old they are, maybe their birthdays, and possible a little about their family.  we will know what orphanage they are living in... but we will not hold them until we get to DRC, we will not love on them, they will not know who we are until they see us until our time in their country.

so what is next.  well monday we begin the end of our home study.  our social worker will be interviewing us, our kiddos and checking out our house.  in the state of idaho it is a 3 part 'inspection/ interview', which will take place over the course of the next week.  monday, thrusday, & the following week with a day yet to be determined (pray for tuesday).  at the same time, we are beginning our submission of our dossier.  it is the paper work that will be sent to our government to request visas for our boys, to their government who will determine if we are allowed to adopt, and to the US embassy in the DRC (we will need an appointment in order to bring them into the US).  in about 2 1/2 weeks we will get our referrals (hopefully in 2 1/2 weeks). 

please pray for us.  pray that we are able to continue to move quickly through this process.  that God would continually have his hand and guidance through all of this.  we are adopting non siblings, so pray that the waiver is granted.  please pray for the funding that we need... that God would provide it through miraculous ways.  pray that we can bring our boys home quickly, yet in Gods timing.  pray that the will feel loved immediately.  cared for immediately.  and apart of their new family immediately.  we know that God is in this.  he alone has guided these adoptions in a quick and beautiful way. 

boys... we will be there soon.
and yes... i will get my picture of the vision that God gave me.  ashlynn in her blue dress surrounded by her brothers who will forever love and protect her.


  1. What a precious vision, you brought a tear to my eye and joy to my heart!! Praying for you all in this wonderful journey!! Lauren


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