explanation of absence.

Monday, February 13, 2012

explanation of an absence from blogging:

us the day todd submitted his resume to idaho.

our adventure in life continues.
about 4 months ago todd & i felt a calling.
yep felt it.
we knew God was changing something.
in our lives.
in our hearts.
a calling he sure did.
todd submitted his application to a church in idaho.
yep.  idaho.  idaho falls to be exact.

this california girl who absolutely loves big cities.  loves convenient shopping.  loves sitting on the beach at sunset. loves big crowds and chaos.  horns honking.  concrete jungle type of chaos.  who moved to what she thought was a small town in oregon almost 2 years ago... now goes even smaller.  we are trading big cities for small towns.  beaches for snowboarding slopes (not a bad trade).  big crowds for a small town.  concrete for prairie type field surrounding our new little city.

we could not be more excited. 

on wednesday morning, we leave.  our new adventure has already begun, but that is when we take off from oregon & adventure to idaho falls, idaho.  ashlynn and i are leaving after the boys.  she has an ortho appointment that day (getting a permanent retainer and her new upper retainer) & making a few stops along the way.  one last goodbye to my best friend in salem (kara) & of course anthropologie.  insert sigh.

God has definitely drawn us to this church.  to idaho.  to this new ministry.  we really couldn't be more excited if we tried.  God continues to do big things in our lives (we will share more later), but it is evident God is at work.

tearful goodbyes.
extreme chaos.
cardboard boxes.
moving trucks.
sad children.
but still following Jesus.
us the day todd submitted his resume to idaho.


  1. God bless you as you both drive to Idaho Falls. Excited for you guys. Will continue to follow you here and on FB. love you guys...hugs

    1. thanks robyn. really appreciate it.

  2. I pray all goes well with the move and your new calling. :)

    1. thank you for praying. we really appreciate it. got a little crazy today. movers didn't come. they called and said they would be here tomorrow. seeing it as a blessing.

  3. This is so sad to read because it reminds me of when you went to Oregon. But I'm excited for you too, to see what happens with you guys in Idaho. Just know that wherever you move, whatever you do, I will still be following your blog and your family will be in my thoughts. Haha can you tell I'm feeling sentimental tonight? I can't wait to skype when life settles down a little bit.

    1. eli... we miss you deeply. we got a sweet house. we have an eli room. come this summer. bring some friends. we would love to see you. hugs.


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