when the moon dies.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

when the moon dies, we find our strength.
we find our courage.
we find ourselves.

when the moon dies, we become great. 

there are few things you can undeniably count on.
the sun will bravely rise each and every day with purpose.  it will not be defeated.
after the sun fades into the inner most depths of the earth... the moon will rise with dignity.
it will rise whether or not you are able to see it.
it will come up being a reflection of the one thing that illuminates the day.
it's there.  invading our night sky.  creeping in on our dreams.  with the moons bright presents, the light allows us to see things amidst the darkness.  it grants us the will to take small steps in a place that could otherwise seem frightening and cold.  one step at a time.  placing one foot in front of the other.  making progress towards our destinations.  our hopes. our dreams.  still seeing our fears every where we look.  the light sometimes helps us move quickly through the obstacles, granting us time to move quickly, but the moon does not always remain in its brightest framework.  it fades.

the moon dies.  or it seems to die.  we can count on its death once a month.  its fading into nothingness.  hiding the things that scare us.  i cannot decide if this cover, this darkness, is a perfect or an adverse element.  sometimes when we can't see the things that could be fearful, we become brave.  we tread lightly amongst our fears, the dark fragments that we cannot abolish.  we move slowly.  hoping we are moving closer to our hopes & dreams.  sometimes even closer to our passions & desires.  the darkness is our greatest collaborator.  it works in our favor because it protects us from ourselves.  from our thoughts.  it hides our fears between the small moments of darkness so that we can break apart our fears, gain our strength, if even for a moment, then rise up to find that we are stronger than we could ever imagine.  sheltering us & healing us so we can move forward become a better version of who we once were.

in the darkness there is fear.
treading lightly.
aimless wandering.
missing something.
yearning for greatness.

when the moon dies, we find our strength.
we find our courage.
we find ourselves.

when the moon dies, we become great. 

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  1. These are such beautiful, poetic, and insightful words, Summer. I find that when the moon dies in my life, I have to walk by faith in the darkness. That is so hard to do, but it is hard for faith to be built up any other way.


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