santa's key.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

as a little girl, ashlynn was so fearful of santa.  not just because she was afraid to sit on his lap but because she was afraid of him coming into her house while she was asleep.  from the moment she realized that santa 'comes down the chimney', she began a fear with all fictional characters who enter in mysterious ways.  although santa has pasted for her (she found out he isn't real... but she still likes to 'believe' he's real), we have this little key.  it's santa's key.  so santa isn't breaking into our house, we are leaving a key out for him to come on in.  

santa's key is a vintage skeleton key, vintage lace, glitter, twine, and little bit of magic.  the kids and i talked about the key last night.  we decided that the glitter made it magical.  since it is santa's key it did matter the shape of the key, it could work in any door.  hang it on the tree.  place it on a doorknob.  it adds a little christmas sparkle.

they {santa's key} will be at the boutique this weekend.
it will come with a little story about st. nick.
if i can get that done. (insert sigh & laughter)

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