Thursday, October 13, 2011

{insert sigh immediately}
and of course tears.

we all love our babies.
i still call my kiddos my babies.
in a slightly high pitched voice.
even though they are 9 & 7.
it's how i greet them when they are together.
they jump in the car from school... 'hi babies'.
i am always proud of them.
they will forever hear those words come out of my mouth.
of course they have there not so proud moments.
as most children do.
but this is not one of those moments.

i showed them this link.

  they decided they were going to save their allowance.
jeremy wants to buy a cow.
ash wants to buy a bible and a chicken.

today in the car.
ash sweetly said what if we sold bracelets.
she said i could see them at the boutiques i am doing.
they would make them.
i committed to them that we (todd & i) would buy the stuff for the bracelets.
but they had to commit to doing them.
they both agreed.
we started a jar.
they both gave all the money that they had so far.

yes i am always proud of my babies.
today i am honored that they are my babies.
we will add the items to the store too... 
this weekend.


  1. Very cool, Summer. Great idea. Hope all is well with you all. love and hugs

  2. My kids love buying those things, too. We go through Samaritan's Purse.

    Your babies are so cute! They can be your babies forever!! :) Mine are for sure! :)

  3. Sum, I love this! Give your babies a kiss from me!
    Also, I think it's about time you come to visit.


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