party time.

Monday, September 5, 2011

we had tons of fun at jt's birthday party.  it was filled with bug catching, fishing for live goldfish, archery, gifts, cake & s'mores.  it doesn't get much better than that. here are a few pictures.

welcome sign

goody bags

flashlight, compass, glow stick, pop rocks, squirt gun, & a thank you note.

big kid goody bags.  marshmallows dipped in chocolate & sprinkled with graham crackers.

jt's cake & cupcakes

we caught bugs

dinner boxes

jt having fun

catching fish


ash using the bow & arrows i made.

allie eating s'mores.
each kiddo went home full of sugar.  it was my parting gift to their parents.  we sent them home by 8:30 pm hyped up on candy with a goody bag, a beta fish (for some reason i didn't take a picture of the fish), a bowl & fish food.  i felt so blessed to see people love on my little guy.  he definitely had so much fun.  a party i am sure he won't forget.

oh how i love parties.


  1. Everything about this party is so creative and adorable!! I just love it! He will remember all your homemade touches. So special! :) I want to know what you put in the dinner boxes! :)

  2. This rules! Wow, Jeremy must have been so pumped about this party. Seriously. Good job, Summer. You're really talented.

  3. Linda... i put in a water a napkin, water bottle, chips,fruit, & then they put their grilled hot dogs in with wax paper after they put the toppings on.

  4. It looks like it was so much fun, too bad all the fun can't be sent south! Miss you guys! Great job...GREAT MOM Sum!


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