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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

it has definitely taken me a while to get this post up.
between camps & kids... i am running like crazy.

so here is the debrief from our amazing trip.
God moved in ways that i cannot explain.
after our 58 hour trip there, we settled into training.
training that was supposed to be a little bit longer than it was, but due to travel was shortened.  our team of 13 was paired to work with a company called fishnet.  they are an organization that is in czech that teaches english.  one of the most amazing things about this group, is that it is built up of teachers from the states, they come and live in the communities, with the people, & teach {and outreach}.  josiah venture has never paired with this group of people before, so we were definitely the guinea pigs.  i was pretty confident that the relationship we built with them would be amazing... and it was.  i meet some of the most amazing girls, 3 to be exact.  i was blown away by their commitment and love for the people of czech.

when english camp began, things were shifted.  it was such an emotional shift for me.  i was no longer going to be teaching (actually assisting) in an english class.  it wasn't made clear to us how many teachers we needed so we had to many.  i was left without a class.  FLEXIBILITY became my mantra.  if i wasn't teaching english, what in the world was i supposed to be doing?  who was i supposed to be ministering too?  why had i fund raised money, left my children, & headed to a different country?  i struggled for about 2 days with this.  struggled is not even a good word... plead with God for direction.  the answer came as clear as day.  i am here to serve our team, the josiah venture team, and the fishnet girls (the american girls who haven't been 'home' in about 10 months).  there was a shift.  ministry didn't look like what i thought it was going to look like.  i knew that i was there to encourage and love on those people.  from that, i have built some amazing relationships.  i fell in love with the girls on our team even deeper.  i watched them love the czech students, share Christ with the czech students, and grow deeper in love with their Savior.  i made a lifelong friendship with one of the josiah venture interns.  nicolette (she is from portland oregon).  we sat on the train for about 3 hours and talked.  sharing stories of our families.  crying together.  praying for each other.  i know God granted me this precious friendship to have forever.

we spend the week playing games.  teaching english.  watching students listen to the gospel.  watching students respond to the gospel (a huge highlight).  my breath was taken away so many times.  todd & joked that we wouldn't have come back to oregon if we had our kids with us.  we fell in love with the people, the ministry that was taking place, the culture.

on our way to debrief i watched.  i watched the friendships that flourished on our trip.  laughter shared between new and old friends.  joy had when discussing what God had done in them.  someone asked me what my favorite part of the trip was... i have 3.

1st: watching our students be used by God.

2nd: watching todd share the gospel through an interpreter.  seeing how God used todd in a way i have seen God use him in YEARS!  seeing him build {special} relationships

3rd: the response to the czech students with the gospel.  it was so special to see that NO ONE in the camp said that they didn't believe in God at all (that is huge).  we had 9 students say they placed their trust in God.  3 that said they knew that the needed a Savior but weren't ready to make that commitment.  ahhh.  it was spectacular.

i can't wait for more.


  1. So neat to see how you were flexible and yielded to God's leading! Your heart is so beautiful!! :)

  2. Summer, this is awesome! I makes my heart swell seeing how God worked in you guys in Czech and how much you've been impacted by it. And I love seeing your pictures! Děkuji moc!

    Much love, Sarah

    PS: Give the fam a hug for me!!!


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