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Monday, June 20, 2011

today began the week of camp orange.  a kids camp our church is putting on for elementary school age kiddos.  i need to share my story for the day!  an amazingly beautiful story.

it all starts with this little guy...

and this picture...

this is my sweet friend.  lets call him 't'.  he is a sweet sweet boy... seriously precious.  he was my buddy during free craft time.  we decided that we would color & try some cutting.  he wanted to draw me a picture & of course who was i to stop this budding little artist.  i think the picture came from the purest place.  a place where something this special cannot be mistaken for anything but what it was, something that only the Lord could have passed through such a sweet little boy.

as 't' drew the picture i couldn't wait to find out what he was going to draw, he told me that i had to wait to see what it was going to become.  as the first person came up... he told me it was me.  (the person on the right was me.)  i am wearing a coat.  the dots are my buttons.  he told me to write my name on the top.  then he took it back and drew another person.  when i asked if it was him, he said... 'no, its your dad.'  stopped.  dead in my tracks.  breathe shortened.  speechless.  he insisted he make sure he gave it a big smile.  he was so concerned with making the smile big.  it was so funny how he emphasized the smile.  i replied that 'my dad always smiled.' (it is the biggest thing i miss about him).  in his innocence he turned with the most sincere, concerned look and asked, 'did your dad die?'  i simply replied, 'yes'.  he asked how.  i told him he was really sick.  he simply looked down at his paper and finished the drawing.  turning towards me, looking at my face, he told me that he 'wanted me to have the picture so that if i was sad or if i missed my dad, i could look at it and remember him and be happy.'  those were his exact words.

i was in tears.  streaming down my face.  heart in a vice.  wanting to run, but not wanted to leave because i knew that this little guy was giving me a gift from the Lord.  i truly believed that.  so there i sat.  watching 't' draw.  i looked up only for a brief moment to watch a middle school student on the verge of tears as well.  she was watching him draw me a picture.

he finished off the drawing with a picture of my dads dog (which has a great significance to my daughter).  he wanted it to have 'summer & her dad' written on the top.  so it does.  and now it sits on my fridge.  as a reminder that today i received a sweet gift from a very special little boy.  he gave me something that i will always cherish.

cherishing sweet moments & simple blessings


  1. im crying right along with you. that was beautiful and precious...i pray for many more God Moments this week, sum!=)

  2. Oh Sum! I cried too.I miss you Dad so much. His tender voice and ability to make your feel instantly at ease and "safe". He was such a gift, so rare and wonderful. What a great story. And what a good God we have, that the BIG way he cares for us come out in little details.

  3. both of you guys... seriously it was so precious. thanks for craying along with me. love you both.

  4. Now I have tears in my eyes, too. That is so precious, Summer. What an amazing gift. :)

  5. Oh Summer, this made me cry too! God is so good, isn't He? I love how He used an unknowing little boy to bless your socks off.

  6. Summer, what an amazing gift... i am sitting here crying and am so thankful that God used that precious little boy to give you something so special.. prayed for you on fathers day.... thanks for your advice on doing something my dad loved!!! perfect idea!!!

  7. xoxo

    no tears, but a deep sigh, pause, smile


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