puddles & platforms.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

i am a californian... living in oregon.
the first 32 year of my life we spent in sunny so cal.
the last year is in oregon.
you guessed it. 
i am 33.

here are a few things that are different from so cal.
1.  it rains a little more here... okay a lot more.
2.  people don't wear heels here... well it isn't the norm.
3.  way less traffic.
4.  slower paced life.
5.  the summer days are as whimsical as they come.

as i am learning to adapt to a different culture, i am also learning that i can bring myself into the new culture.  it might seem like a 'well duh' moment for some of you, but for me... it really wasn't.  the last year has been a rebuilding year for me.  it continues to be a that type of year.  but this year (rebuilding or not) i am bringing a little bit of my california out... because it is who i am.

i am laid back.
i am fearfully anxious.
i am empathetic.
i am graceful.
i am real.
i cry at anything.
i cry at everything.
i wear heels.

here is to all the ladies out these who are heel wearing girls.  especially those who sometimes have to walk through puddles.  lets face it... our legs do look better in a nice pair of heels.



  1. love hearing about who you are summer! love your heels! enjoy 33, 34 sneaks up real quick as i just discovered :)

  2. Be you, Summer! God made you awesome! :) I love your creativity and your deep thoughts.


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