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Monday, May 2, 2011

you have heard it said that... my son is hilarious.
he genuinely is hilarious.
i am not bias just because he is my son.
& i take no credit to his humor.
he is his dad.
sarcastic nature & all.
some need for attention or something.
he is a joker (those are his words).
he loves him some practical jokes. (said in a twang drawl voice)

here are a few of his last things:
1.  he glued my flip flops to the kitchen floor.  oh yes he did.  with elmers glue.  thankfully my husband found it before it had time to dry & got really tough to get off.  the hilarious part... he didn't even say a thing.  he left them there.  who knows how long they sat before todd recognized that they had glue on the bottom.  that is what is amazing.  he isn't out for instant gratification.  he is in it for the long haul.

2.  he filled the sink up with water & pumped conditioner in it to look like snakes.  (i deeply hate snakes & he KNOWS that).  again... the long haul.  i am pretty sure he hadn't been in the bathroom in about 1 hour at least.  maybe longer.  do you know how hard it is to discipline him when he patiently waits for something like this?

3.  we were sitting around... chatting with a friend at the store... & he walked up to me (super discreetly) pointed to his wrist & whispered, 'would you look at the time.  its about time to go.'  uhmmm he doesn't have a watch nor can he tell time.

4.  he found a huge bug & he put the said bug under ashlynn's cup & convinced her that she should go get it the cup.  yep.  she screamed & freaked out, like any good girl would.

5.  he hid in my laundry hamper while i was in the shower.  heavens knows how long he was in there.  quiet as a mouse.  he waited until i walked into my room & jumped out & scared the heck out of me.

now, there is something you must know.  he is NOT trying to be disrespectful at all.  he is just a very silly silly little boy.  key word being boy.  he says he likes to make people laugh.  yes he is very sarcastic (clear throat)... yep that is his dad.  he doesn't quite grasp where the line is... the side that is funny & the side that is disrespectful.  he is a funny kid.  let me tell you.  he makes me smile.  but boy am i in trouble.  i suppose this is the kind of thing that happens when your children are raised amongst high school & junior high students.


  1. And he looks so innocent, Summer. :)

  2. Hopped on over from Good Life Wednesdays, and I am cracking up at your son!! He sounds SO entertaining and loving. Underneath the "joker", of course. :) Have a great rest of the week!!


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