tilted halos, cormorants & kittiwakes.

Monday, April 25, 2011

a blanket on the grass.
sun shinning- causing life to awake.
to make my heart soar.
oh i've missed the sweet kiss of the sunshine.
its about 65 degrees & i was laying on that blanket.
being kissed by the sun.
reading raggamuffin gospel.
a book that is rapidly changing my life.
let me stand on my soap box for a few moments.

here's a few quotes from the book (chapter 5)

"i feel only gratitude for my life, for every moment i have lived.  i am ready to go.  i have seen so many miracles durning my lifetime.  never once in my life did i ask God for success or wisdom or power or fame.  i asked for wonder, and He gave it to me." -abraham joshua heschel who was dying

'i asked for wonder & he gave it to me.... by & large our world has lost its sense of wonder.  we have grown up.  we no longer catch our breath at the sight of a rainbow or the scent of a rose, as we once did.  we have grown bigger and everything else smaller, less impressive.  we get blase & worldly-wise and sophisticated.'

'we get so preoccupied with ourselves, the words we speak, the plans and projects we conceive, that we become immune to the glory of creating.  we barely notice the cloud passing over the moon or the dewdrops clinging to the rose petals.  the ice on the pond comes and goes.  the wild blackberries ripen and wither.  the blackbird nests outside our bedroom window, but we don't see her.  we avoid the cold and the heat...we grow complacent and lead practical lives.  we miss the experince of awe, reverence, and wonder.'

'our world is saturated with grace, and the lurking of God is revealed not only in spirit but in matter- in a deer leaping across a meadow, in the flight of an eagle, in fire and water, in a rainbow after a summer storm, in a gentle doe streaking through a forest, in Beethoven's ninth symphony, in a child licking a chocolate ice cream cone, in a woman with windblown hair.  God intended for us to discover His loving presence in the world around us.'

so there i lay.
watching my son swing from a tree.
the birds chirping rapidly with glee.
the sun streaming down from the heavens.
the saturation of grace & the lurking of the presence of my God.
me & my tilted halo (chapter 4) relished each moment.
loved each moment.
was thankful for each second of life.
do you do that?
i know i don't do it enough.
but i think i will start.


  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing that! We have that book around here somewhere. I have not read it yet...sounds like I should!

  2. I think I do it...I see little things all the time...that bring me joy. Sure I get caught up in life but I really do try to stop and smell the 'proverbial' and real roses :-)


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