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Thursday, April 28, 2011

since we rent, there are so many things i tend to dwell on that i would change.  
so for today... i decided to find the 5 things i love.  

because lets face it, being down that you can't have a new kitchen can really start to harp on your emotions.  at least it does for me.  here are my 5 things that i love today.
our apple tree blossoms

our step stool

vintage mason jars & lollipops

milk can with linen blossoms

my desk/ office area

little jars filled with vintage goodies. & of course my books


  1. I rent also and I know how hard it is to not be able to completely do everything you want to. Right now I dislike the place we are in so much I have done absolutely no decorating. :( I keep hoping we are out of here soon. I love your favorite things too! So pretty!

  2. thank you so much! i have rented since we got married. my husband is a pastor & we have either been moving to a new church or been in an area that is so expensive it is hard to get into a house. it is so hard. but i feel lucky to have a house over my head, as i am sure you do. despite the fact that there are things we would want to change. i will sit in the back yard & think... if this was my house i would... it is fun, but i am also the daughter of a developer. it's in my blood to knock down walls & change the way houses look. hang in there.

  3. We rent too, so I well understand this road. In this house it has been a struggle to even have basic repairs and maintenance completed. It makes it harder to make a nice home.

  4. ok that is it. next time you are in town i need you to consult with me on the decor in my house. i don't want to change it, just how to arrange it cute! miss you and love you!


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