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Monday, April 4, 2011

we are getting ready to go to the czech republic for 17 days to teach conversational english to high school age students.  here is our team.  it is a mix of current high school & college students & staff.

left to right
back row: todd, rex, clark, patty, geneva
middle row: bobbi, allison, alayna, dan
front row: zoe, kelly, hannah, me

we had a team meeting on sunday.  i decided to make some cupcakes.  a little to ambitious since i also needed to clean my house.  make sure that i had enough food to feed them all. it was sure a fun weekend.  since i really try to stay away from sugar i had some professional testers (todd, ash & jt) come & help me.  although there was no one around to taste this one... so i had too.
boston cream pie cupcake
click here for the recipe
it is delious.
be careful not to do what i did.
i cooked the filling a little too long.
it wasn't as creamy as it should have been.
it was still delicious though.

jumbo cupcake with butter cream frosting & a strawberry.
i used martha's chocolate cake recipe too.
i got it from her cookbook.
i looked for it on her website but couldn't find it.
i highly recommend it.
funny story with this little cupcake.
i tried 2 times to make strawberry frosting.
2 different recipes.
ugh.  none of them worked.
so i stuck with the trusty butter cream.
& just added a strawberry on top.
i will conquer the strawberry frosting.

jumbo chocolate with peanut butter frosting
 it's as good as it sounds.
if you like chocolate & peanut butter.
topped with a chocolate covered peanut from trader joe's.

all of them.

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  1. They look delicious, Summer. I, too, have wanted good strawberry frosting, so if you figure it out, please share!! :)


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