party... lets think.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

i think i am going to have another party.

my husband isn't aware of this party yet.
it is just a little thought i have stirring in my head.

i am thinking a few friends.
some nice wine.
yummy food.
& a little wedding watching.
aka the royal wedding.
you know?
kate & william.
have you heard of it?
april 29th.

i am not sure if i will actually do it.
but i thought it could be a blast.
record the event.
watch it that night.
with just the girls.
{sigh}... we will have to see.

huh... i will have to ponder that a little bit more.


  1. Sounds fun! You can have tea and scones and make it totally British. It would be adorable! Wish I could come : (

  2. oohhhh anna i love how you think!

  3. Here's what I think: I hope you do it--sounds "lovely"--and I that am invited! :)

  4. I am coming to this party :) -Laurel

  5. well... it looks like we are going to have to have this little party. i am really excited. invitations will be coming. come on we must do it properly.

  6. oh, sum!! i wish you lived near me! that sounds like so much fun! be sure to wear your hats and gloves, sip your tea, and eat your british scones. purely brilliant.

  7. erika... i think i am going to make each girl a big feather hair piece (very kate middleton). there will be scones. tea. wine for our american flare. i'm pretty excited. it is going to be oh so much fun. wish you were here.


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