sneak peek #4.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

 one of the super fun crafts we are going to  be making are bracelets.

ashlynn planned just about all of the crafts...  this one is not an exception.  she is so excited about saturday, i am pretty sure that is all she is talking about these days.

i made am going to make drawstring bags for each of their sweet bracelets. 

the bowls i found @ micheals for 49 cents.  & since we live in oregon & have no sales tax... they were really 49 cents.  can you believe it?  they are super cute.  we love them. they  are going to hold all of our beads.

we have a variety of beads.
stretch magic bead & jewelry cord.
that is it. 
that's all it takes to make a cute little bracelet.

(side note): when beading with a bunch of kiddos... tie a bead at the end of the stretch cord to assure that the beads that the kids put on do not accidentally come falling off... bouncing all over the floor.  that creates a mess & sad faces.


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