sneak peek #3.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

oh i am getting so excited.

so... who doesn't love cupcakes!

i am pretty sure that everyone does... or they should love them some yummy cupcakes.  one project that the girls are going to do is decorate cupcakes i got some super cute regular sized cupcake holders (we are going to decorate these cupcakes) as well as some minis (& we are going to EAT these).

they are going to get to decorate their personal cupcakes with 7 different colors of frosting, 2 kinds of sprinkles & put them in a chinese to go box to take home. 

the mini's will already be decorated so that the girls can have a little taste of the yummy cupcakes.  i am not sure yet what kind of cupcakes i am going to make, but i have a very yummy butter cream frosting i am for sure going to use.

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