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Friday, February 4, 2011

for the valentine's day craft party, each girl is going to fill up a bag full of goodies that she has made.

i went the simple route & the most cost effective route as well.  especially since it is what is on the inside that matters right?  ash has decided to have me make the girls a little something saying thank you for coming.  we are going to be doing aprons for each of the girls.  i had a lot of extra pink/ red fabric prints.  i need to get working on those... eeekkk.

i purchased some simple white handled craft bags & let ash decorate them with hearts... she chose to do 3 simple hearts on the bag.

the first craft the girls are going to do is to make a bookmark (and it will become their name tag for their bag).  supplies i got for the bookmarks were super simple & easy, but going to add a lot of color & pop to the simple white bags.

items to use:
colorful stamp pads
stickers (both valentine's day stickers & letter stickers)
glitter & glue
ribbon (using 2 colors of ribbon)

simple sweet bags

supplies for the bookmarks/ bag tags

bag tags

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