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Monday, January 24, 2011

yesterday ashlynn got a little sewing lesson.  she wanted to make a bag the slung over her shoulder for school.  i knew it was going to take a little... nope a lot... of patience on my part.  but together we accomplished the task.  she still wants to add a fabric flower on the flap part of the bag, but she did about 70% of the bag herself. 

ash & her bag

what i learned:
it's okay if her stitches are not straight... she will be proud of them.

it does not have to be perfect... it is her creation.

not stressing over it made it so much more enjoyable together.


  1. she has mom's knack for sewing! can you imagine how amazing she's gonna be in a few years?! Such fun! Tell her that if she wants to make another, I might buy it from her! ;-)

  2. That brings back such sweet, sweet memories of sewing with my mother starting at Ashlynn's age!!! All my children, my boys too, know how to use a sewing machine and sew on buttons!!! (even my hubby!!)


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