Tuesday, January 4, 2011

sunday morning... unlike most sunday mornings.. was not chaotic.  i rushed here and there helping make sure everyone was dressed and ready for church.  todd generally leaves around 8 with one child (usually jeremy... the more difficult child) & i am left with a small sense of peace.  just me & ash to get finished.  thankful (and i mean this in the truest way possible) our church doesn't have its service until 10.  i dislike rushing... getting frustrated (even through i really shouldn't)... and then going to church with a slight chip on my shoulder towards whichever of my children decided to act out that morning.

this sunday i was a little late to church.  i needed to grab a special moment with ash & she decided that our special moment should be a treat from starbucks.  i obviously obliged.

we sat in our usual spots.  jt asking when worship was going to be over so he could go to class.  ash singing her little heart out (by far one of the most precious sounds in the world to me).  ringing in the new year with great conviction came a message that was spoken to me.  where & how is my ministry?  where do i focus my efforts in life?  am i doing them well?  what am i supposed to be doing?  as most pastor's wives (i am no different), our ministry is where our husbands minister. 

todd & i have always partnered in ministry, but our church in oregon is a little different for me & i am not sure why it seems so different.  i say seems different because i honestly do not mean it in a bad way.  it is a great thing, however different mean adjustment.  different means there is a change.  different means we meet a challenge & try to figure out how to conquer our 'different'.  tuesday & wednesday nights are youth group nights.  (i am able to go for the beginning of each night).  we adventured in a week long trip to the lake.  drove to portland for a blazers game.  had christmas parties in our home.  are planning a missions trip to the czech republic (more on this in the near future... i am so very excited).  but it still seems different.

i say all of this because i am working through my challenges & trying my hardest to be honest (i don't do fake).  searching out exactly what God has for me this beautiful year.  i sense a great change.  which excites me beyond belief.

simplify.  illuminate. adapt. 
once again my words.
words i say i want to mesh into my life.
i will make them my workings.

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