20 reasons.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

there are more than 20 reasons why i {love} ash... but lets keep it simple.

1.  she is caring
2.  she is generous
3.  she is a servant
4.  she loves her brother
5.  she loves me
6.  she is stubborn
7.  she is creative
8.  she likes to talk about anything
9.  she knows when she has talked too much
10.  she loves school.
11.  she loves jesus
12.  she loves to cook
13.  she puts on plays
14.  she gives back to others
15.  her heart is genuinely sweet
16.  she is silly
17.  she has a hilarious giggle
18.  she misses her papa & talks about it
19.  she plays with her brother
20.  she includes others

last week she thought she should give back.
her idea:
get blankets
bake cookies
buy starbucks gift cards
give them to the homeless in our community
she wrote a note for each person.

helped package them all up

we had to make them cute


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