stocking tutorial.

Friday, November 19, 2010

i am listening to christmas music.
my son is building lego snowmen with dad.
i am doing a tutorial for stockings.
its almost time.

1/2 yard fabric A
1/2 yard fabric B
1/4 yard fabric C
1/2 yard heavy fusible stabilizer
1/2 yard of lining (cotton fabric)
wax paper
part 1

1.  using a simple stocking, trace about 1/2 larger than original stocking onto wax paper

2.  cut out pattern & label as below
-1/2" back side fold line
-4"front side fold line

3.  with fabric A,
stabilizer, & lining
 (make sure stabilizer is folded in half so that you get the direction of the boots correctly cut... one for the front & one for the back.
fold back the 1/2" back side fold line & cut out back of the stocking
be sure not to cut the pattern
adhere the fusible stabilizer
 4.  with fabric A
unfold 1/2  backside fold
& fold @ the 4" mark
see image below

 5.  using fabric B
with pattern still folded at the 4" mark
flip and cut the bottom of the boot
see image below

6.  sew front of boot
1/4" seam
fabric A (4" top of boot)
& fabric B (bottom of boot)
press seam
adhere the fusible stabilizer
 part 2
1.  cut 4 1/2" strip of fabric C
length is going to vary on the size of your stocking.

2.  fold & press edges of strip
this is going to create your ruffle
see below
 3.  mark a line about 3/4 of an inch above the seam of fabric A & fabric B

4.  pin the pleat along the line.
one side at a time.
i did not use a pattern to my pleating
but make sure you pleats going both ways
5. pleat and pin bottom of the ruffle

 6.  stitch ruffle down
make sure that you use the same seam allowance for both sides.
slightly bigger than 1/4" shown below
7.  with right sides of main section of boot together
pin & stitch  around the outer edge of the boot @ 1/4" seam.

8.  make 'v' cuts @ the curves of the boots. 
careful not to cut the seam
part 3.
prep for inside & tab

1.  using left over from ruffle cut
2 1/2" piece (2 1/2 x 4 1/2)
2.  fold in half & press

3.  open up piece & press outer edges inward

4.  fold piece in half

5.  stitch along edge.

6.  attach to the front of the stocking
about 1/4" from the seam

lining & finishing:
1.  with right sides together
stitch the lining with 1/4 seam 

2.  'v' cut the curves of the boot.
careful not to cut the seam.

3.  with the outside of the boot facing the right way
& then lining inside out
slip the outside into the lining
so that the right sides are together.
see below. 
right sides together
 4.  leaving a 4 1/2" opening in the back
stitch around the top of the opening. 1/2" seam.
make sure you back stitch @ the beg. & end
go back & forth a few times over the loop.
 5.  carefully turn out the stocking & insert the lining into the main outer layer.

6. press down o 4 1/2 opening.

7.  stitch around outer top edge
slightly more then 1/4" so that you make sure to stitch close the opening.

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