someone {hearts}.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

yesterday i was thrown back into 2nd grade.
ripped right out of my thirties.
i went kicking and screaming.
i was 8 years old again.
getting chased on the playground by joey.
i was hearing my mom say... he does it because he likes you.

want to know why?  

of course you do.

ash came home with this letter in her backpack.

i was a little taken back.
someone likes my daughter?
i mean i know she is cute.
but she is only 8.
this can't happen yet.
can it?
that is when i went back to 2nd grade.
flew back in time.
it can be happening.
it is that time.
a boy has a crush on my girl.
she has a little crush on him too.
but do not worry.
they won't kiss.
i am not ready for her to grow up.

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  1. Too sweet! My kindergartner comes home telling me who's "SO handsome" in her class! :-)


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