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Monday, November 8, 2010

i am sitting on my couch.
pondering the day that whirled past me.
thoughts of painting (yet another project).
making spork creatures with jeremy.
listening to the kids play after school.
watching ash do homework.
having hilarious conversations at dinner.
now... sitting.
wondering what made today a unique day.
was it unique at all?
i suppose that having a day to live...
a day that might seem similar to the last days
but different nonetheless...
makes it unique.

i am getting ready to teach at a middle school bible study next week.  a group of girls that i have never met.  never had a conversation with.  never even laid eyes on (okay maybe i have seen & spoken with 2, but there are 17 girls).  i wonder & contemplate the topic (which i get to choose) to share with these beautiful girls.  what did i need to hear when i was in middle school?  what should i have heard?  what do i wish someone had told me?

i have no idea where to start.  but at the same time i know just where to begin.  i wished i understood that i was truly cherished by the people that matter most.  that i was made wonderfully.  that amist change, i can thrive.  become stronger.  effect change myself.  i wish someone told me that i can write my own story and that it can make it beautiful.  that my life mattered.  that i mattered.  that being washed by Gods grace, mercy, goodness, & love was the most precious gift i can ever receive.  that learning the hard way sometimes is the quickest way to get from the roughest point A to the glorious point B.

so what should i teach on?
what should i pass to middle school students?
all those things?
i only have an hour.

here is the thing.

i was able simply because i was me.
how does that look?
for each of us.

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  1. I'm excited for you being able to teach that age. I spent 3 years with JHighers and loved it. Moved up to HS when my daughter became a JH student, KNOWING I would be dealing with her at home and didn't need to cramp her or my style at church and school, too. And I saw the effects of a mom being with her JHigher in youth group. Wasn't pretty. Anyway, You will do great Summer. You have such a love for the Lord, passion to help others and I know you will do well with these girls. Will be praying. hugs


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