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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

 want to know a little bit about me.
as a kid... i loved going to my grand parents house.
one of the things i would ALWAYS do was go into the guest room.
look through my grandmom's treasures.
she had letters.
signature books from when she was a kid.
i was in love with them.
after my granddad died.
she was going to throw them away.
i wanted them.
so here are a few.
of my precious grandmom treasures.

stack of letters & a scrapbook.
a letter from president roosevelts son to my great granddad.
a letter sent in 1913.
a valentine to my grandmom from my granddad. (sigh!)

now for my favorite.
this was sent in 1897!
a beautiful letter from my great great grandfather to my great grandmother.
i read it and cried.
our family has been in the LA area for that long.
santa monica.
that is where my dad lived.
wow!  we have lived there for a long time.
well... i live in oregon now.
but my heart is there.

(i will show you what i did with this letter when i am all done)

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  1. oh sigh summer. how special to have your grandmothers treasures. my grandma gave me some pieces of her vintage hobnail in teal blue and i will treasure them forever. i love the vintage valentine card lots!!


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