doing a class.

Monday, November 22, 2010

this weekend has been:
but oh so fun.

that being said...
today is going to be even more crazy.
trying to fit things into the schedule.
i am thinking i need to drop something.
but what?
eeeekkk.... i am not sure.

tonight i am teaching a class as to how to make these:
made of wool & feathers

and these:

hair clips that can be double flowers & have feathers.  made up of a thick cotton fabric.
how fun right.
an opportunity to connect with a few hair dressers.
from bello.
show them how to make these fabulous pieces.
& have a little bit of fun too.
so excited to be a part of tonight.
but because of my insane weekend.
i didn't prep.
off to cutting
getting clips.
oh where were my priorities?


  1. That looks so cute!!! I would love to come to something like that! I have a wild story about Wreath Making Class. It got CRAZY!!!

  2. yeah i love wild stories. teaching a class for adults is always amusing! to say the least.


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