Wednesday, October 27, 2010

i enjoy simple things.
a new found curiosity.
grabbing a hold of what matters most in life.
the things that are simple.
images that bring about the emotions of life.
rain falling in a melody of sounds.
crackles of a fire.
laughter of friends.
my kids running in circles around me... laughing.
sweetness of sleeping kids.

{il fiore}: bloom PDF file
only $7

make as many as you need

so in order to have some more lovely time with my two wonderful kids & one amazing husband, i have decided to do my pieces in a PDF file.  they can be yours.  i will either email the PDF file to you OR mail you a hard copy.   that way you can make as many as you want.  for whatever you need.  whenever you need. 

think of how cute your christmas presents could be topped with these blooms.

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