meet the cj.

Monday, October 11, 2010

meet my little cj.  she is a happy wonderful cute little girl.
her parents are happy wonderful cute parents.
yep danny even you.
these two (danny & linds) have been in our lives for a long time.
i've known linds since we were younger.
i went on a missions trip with danny when he was still in high school.
i learned a ton about him on a walk back from snorkeling.
(yes danny i still remember the convo).
todd performed their wedding.
danny was around when ash was born.
they were there when jt was born.
they nicknamed ash pom pom.
even made her a shirt.
they love our kids like we love our kids.
i {heart} this little girl.
this little girl warms my heart.
she was born the day after my 32nd birthday.
i cried when she was born.
i held her in the hospital. 
i treasure her.
i love her parents just as much.
charlotte jean.

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