dinning area.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

i am always painting something.  seriously.  it is true.
 this is the dinning area.  it's finally gray.  i am so very excited.  the lighting in this particular picture isn't completely portraying the true-ness of the gray color, but you kind of get the picture.  it isn't blue.  which excites me so very much.  my dresser was my parents.  i painted it and distressed it.  one of the handles is off in the picture.  just ignore that one.  the crate is a flea market find.  it fits perfect under the dresser.
this is the strange room.  the room that is right off the kitchen, but separated by a divided half wall & will not fit a kitchen table.  so as it stands right now... my favorite piece of furniture is there, trying to hold up the glory of the odd room.  to the left is a vintage iron chair & to the right is an antique table that is hosting my sewing machine right now.  but i am planning on using it when people come over to have as a drink station or something fun like that.  

well... back to repainting my kitchen table.  finishing the padding of the chairs.  oh & picking up my daughter from school.  that is pretty much the most important one.  hopefully i can get there before the carpool line gets too long.


  1. Love the grey, which color did you end up using? I'm thinking of painting my office now....dun dun dun.

  2. well... i used a dark gray from jerry's (benjamin moore of course). i used cape may cobblestone. they even checked and it definitely has no blue. it has a little tint of uhmmm well i am not sure. it depends what light it is in. you'll have to come over and see it.

  3. oh my goodness sum! those pieces are GOREGOUS. wish i could see it in person! :) hey- do you still want to do the giveaway?!

  4. Love the gray Sum!!! Glad you found the perfect blue-less gray...we all know that is quite a task. Love you!!

  5. i love the grey! i love that you like to paint! your home looks great!

  6. thank you everyone. wish you all could see it. it ironically makes me so happy.


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