last weekend of summer.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

growing up summertime meant...
riding my bike.
playing with my brother & sister.
rollerblading through the wash (yeah tony & breezi).
sneaking out to t-pee houses.
going to the beach.
enjoying otter pops.
strawberry shortcake.

i was craving it... so i made it.
it has been renamed to spiderman shortcake (by jt).
strawberry shortcake is a girls toy.
he couldn't eat it.

{using paula deen's individual shortcake recipe}

she picked fresh black berries from the backyard
because she knows her brother loves them.

he then renamed the dessert. apparently spiderman (strawberries)
has joined batman (blackberries).
it's now super hero shortcake.

of course we topped it off with fresh whipped cream.

{here's to the last official weekend of our summer}

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