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Thursday, September 9, 2010

we are renters... our recent move from the LA area has landed us in the beautiful pacific northwest. our trek started on april 7th. it continues to be an adventure far beyond what i am used to.

moving lost me my gas ge dryer. it was painful to leave it & sell it in ca (trivial & silly i know). but what are we going to do with a gas dryer when most houses do not have gas lines in the houses. so we were lucky enough to have a dryer in our rental, but it is not MY dryer. {adaptation}. i hung some reminders that it could be worse. here are some pictures of my laundry room.

{a window i got for $4 at a yard sale became a shelf}

{an old wringer from 1890's}
a family treasure from my mom.

my mason jar ($4) to add some color.

a crate ($6) sits on top of my dryer to hold:
paper towels. dust pan. detergent. bleach.

my reminders that i could have to wash things in
a wash bin ($5 @ antique shop), wring things
out by hand, & hang dry items on a line.

i am born and raised in southern california. traffic is not foreign to me. we coexist with all sorts of elements not naturally created.

i love...
big buildings.
the lights of the city @ night.
quick shopping.
coffee shops on each corner.
& my lifelong friends.

since being here in oregon has landed us in a rental for a while... i am determined to make this my home.

my new word.

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