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Thursday, September 2, 2010

a few weeks ago i ventured to ruthie b's with a very specific thing in mind. {finding a vintage plate} that would serve as a cake plate... on a modified cake stand.

here is what i made.

here is how i did it.
(materials: plate, cup, dry erase marker, ruler, gorilla glue)
measure the width of your cup
[using either end of cup... i glued my plate to the bottom of the cup]
so you can mark the plate.

measure the plate bottom & evenly mark where the cup
will fit centered on the plate. use 5 marks.
1 for the center of the plate.
4 for the circumference of the cup.

(make sure it fits in the marks placed. you want to see the marks slightly.)

add glue to the rim of the cup.
you don't need a ton.

place cup onto the plate & add weight to the cup.
if you are using gorilla glue it needs at least 1 hour to grip.

& done. the possibilities are endless.
i want to make an all white one next. a little smaller.
using all different sizes can create a really amazing
centerpiece for treats @ your next gathering.


  1. oh so pretty i want one just like it.

  2. How clever! Never need to buy a cake plate now! Thanks for the great tip! Might have to make a fun cookie plate for my cake cookies I made


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