a little shopping.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

we have two wonderful stores in the next city over from us. i discovered them thanks to one of my new favorite people katy putnam.

since i am still getting the {lay of the land}... i wrote the address
down on my hand so i could punch it into the gps. my mom always wrote
things on her hand & would never let us do it
when we were kids. i felt a little rebellious for some odd reason.
(that tattoo is my dad's signature if you didn't know)

it took me here. {econo sales}. bolts & bolts of fabric.
patience is key.
i am covering a couch in our trailer.

next door is {ruthie b}.
right next door. you cannot go to one
without hitting the other.
i am sure it is a crime.

fun vintage antiques as far as the eye can see.

you must walk around twice.

i bribed the kids with a treat in the end. if they kept their hands
in their pockets the whole time. & i mean business. i am not a
'one more chance kind of mom'.

they were victorious. at the corner of {ruthie b}
is a cupcake bar (well that's what i call it).
jt told me it was healthy.
his reasoning was because it had a strawberry on top.
i liked his logic.

(i'll show you why i went later. its a fun little project i did.)


  1. One of Liz's "celebrity fans" friends has or is aiming for over 100 tatoos - all autographs of celebs. I like your dad's signature. What a tempting idea. And jt is right? Strawberries are healthy! :) So cute. So glad you're finding your way around and liking your new home. We'll try to catch up when we come visit Danielle...wish it was more than it is, but glad we can get away once in awhile to take a trip to OR. You and a couple of other people are really making me thing more nostalgic. I have an old trunk that is in storage right now filled with old clothes/VINYL albums and some old porcelain dolls that Dan's mom is storing (they actually enhance her fireplace hearth along with my old rocking chair that my grandpa re-covered). If we ever move into a bigger place, I really want to use those items. I love seeing what you are doing and finding. hugs

  2. Those stores sound amazing! I wish I was there to go shopping with you...and to go to that healthy cupcake bar :). Actually I wish you were in my town so you could show me how to make my house look as cute as yours! Love ya :)

  3. Ok....just realized I commented using Keith's account...don't freak he doesn't love you ..I do :)

  4. Econo Sales is one of my favorite stores!! I love looking at the fabric and buying notions in bulk for cheap!!


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