he turned {6}.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

when did this happen?
my little guy is 6.

oh how i adore this little guy.
he is so hilarious.
ask just about anyone who really knows him.
he's actually funny.
but sweet all at the same time.
he still wants me to cuddle with him.
he still wants special kisses.
he still needs me when he falls.
he still wants me when he is scarred.
he still is fearful of being alone.
he still needs me & i still need him.
happy birthday j!


  1. I love this sum! So fun looking back at little J! Can't wait to give him a big squeeze soon!

  2. He is so amazing! I remember your wedding Sum Sum and we never would have imagined that the Lord would bless you with such an amazing little guy. He is too good to us! Miss you!


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