ash's room re-do

Monday, August 16, 2010

meet ash. my ash. my little ray of sunshine.
at times my {spicy girl}.
she knows what she wants.
she wanted a yellow room.
'yellow like the sunshine'. (to quote her)
the wall color is {custard by martha stewart}
how can i deny her that {ray} of joy?
i couldn't.
see what we've done.

the head board is two vintage windows
(courtesy of uncle danny & auntie lindsay)
bedding is all target.
i made the accent pillows.
chair next to the bed is her night stand.

the foot board is a vintage steamer trunk.
i had my grandma's but didn't want to use it.
in search i went.
i found one that was primed.
i got it for a steal because the lady wanted it gone.
yeah for us.
i painted it {hummingbird nest by martha stewart}

here are ash's funky sheets.
if you have a white bed spread & you want
your room like sunshine.
you need a funky sheet.
she wanted polka dots.

flag banner accents the simple white curtains.

each knob on her dresser is different.
thank you anthropologie (my favorite).

the top of her dresser is her treasures.
her lamp she loves {and picked out herself}.
a picture of her brother {that she asked for}.
a picture of her papa & her (my dad gave it to her)
{that she slept with for almost 9 months after he died}
she dusts the picture of all the time.
we catch her with it... just looking @ it.

our makeshift bookshelves.
two crates.
stacked differently.
two colors.
painted white first.
striped with an aqua wash.

colored lanterns with crystals going up the ribbon.
a little bling.

a sign i made for her.
words that we say describe her.
servant. loving. quirky. silly. beautiful. sunshine.
sweetness. faithful.
(i'll do a tutorial on this soon)

a print we got from bed, bath & beyond.

so this is my girlie. she loves her a cute room.
she had a say in everything with her room.
a little guidance. she was so helpful & joyful.
she wanted to share it with everyone.
so here it is. & here she is.


  1. Summer, I LOVE it. All of it. So pretty and fun. I adore headboard and that bedding from target. I always put it in my cart and then take it out. :) One day it'll make it to the register IN my cart. What a precious room for what seems, a precious girl.

  2. ummm...please excuse my grammar errors ... sheesh. :)

  3. everything about ash's room redo makes me HAPPY summer! including the color of her walls. i love the pillows, the teal trunk, the anthro knobs, her lamp and every creative touch you added!

  4. beautiful colors & such fun details.

    love how you painted the older style lockerbin as well.

  5. It looks like you have a beautiful little lady on your hands...what a blessing!
    Great job on the room...I would love for mine to look that together.

  6. Love her room! The picture and your words about it made me cry.
    Thanks for sharing! Dana

  7. Wow - Not sure how I stumbled upon your blog but I am loving it... Just browsed through a handful of pages and wish I had time to visit more! I dig your style - and the stuff in your shop.... I WANT IT ALL!
    I will definitely be back to visit again soon.

    Love your daughter's room too - yellow sunshine - I want a room like that!
    Crafty People like you make me smile - :)

  8. Oh my gosh! how increadibly sweet is that room!?!?
    I love all the details. So pretty :)

    And I'm sorry you're having a rough day! I think you need to pump up some SYTYCD tunes and shake it out. ha! Usually works for me :)

    Hope things start looking up!

  9. everyone... thank you so much!!!!! i love that you love her room... and so does she. i read her the comments! she was pretty stoked! hugs to everyone!

  10. This is really really really adorable!! What a special girl with great taste!! Yellow is my favorite color and I love that one you chose from Martha!! Beautiful!!


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