how we made {nature inspired} centerpieces.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

the story of our adventure. we live near wilderness... thankfully. when i came up with this idea, i was determined to do it at the lowest cost possible. so i went in search of logs. with an ax in the trunk...

with my camera of course, so i snapped some cool pictures as we found a little creek...i took these two silly crazy kids...
i'd like to say we were successful... but we were not. but todd came through for me.
we (and by we... i mean todd) cut them into 4 stumps.
we (again todd... these are his legs) drilled 2" holes off centered in the log. we placed a votive into the hole to fill with water.
arranged wildflowers & a few flowers from trader joe's (had i had more time i was going to use all wild cut flowers)... here is the final project.


  1. love it! i can't wait to see you! i'm really, really, really excited!!!!

  2. oh kat... i am so excited to see you guys too. so much to talk about. catch up on. i can't wait to hug your little guy. i am giddy with excitement. just a few more days.

  3. I love this idea! SO beautiful!!!


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