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Thursday, July 8, 2010

my sweet friend sarah asked me to make her some flowers like the ones from the [tea towel]
for a project she was doing. of course i jumped at the chance to do that... i love these little flowers. after making them in all white and cream... i decided to try the colors. thus coming up with the fabric {blooms}. the greatest thing about them? you can put them in your hair or put them on a shirt, scarf, hat... oh so many uses. it has both a clip & a pin. they are about 3 1/2" & oh so sweet.

leave a comment & you can win 1 of your choice

or hop over & get one just for yourself.
little girl hair clips are coming.


  1. Dear firefly moon,

    One of my favorite poets, e.e. cummings, wrote one of my favorite lines, "The earth laughs in flowers". Those words came to mind when I saw these sweet blooms of dots, lines, and all things charm. What fun and whimsy and delight these latest creations are!

    Keep it up!

    Carrie Sue

  2. Summer, the things you create are simply beautiful and I'm continually impressed! We have a little girl on the way in September and I'm getting very excited about flowers and bows and all things girly for her (ok, for me too!;).
    Shannon Barnett (Martin)

  3. Pretty flowers! It would be fun to get my girls matching ones!

  4. I love them! I'd wear them and put them on my shirts as pins!

  5. I think I need to get a few from you so that I can wear them with everything!!!! I love love love everything you make!
    Love you,
    K, C and O

  6. Oh I love firefly moon ! I just ordered two pillows, 2 white tea towels for my future kitchen, some magnets and some pins! I am IN LOVE! I hope I win more-- I am a fan for sure! Did I win? Did I win? Cheers! Connie

  7. They are lovely! A beautiful accessory, you are very talented.


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