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Thursday, July 1, 2010

{fourth of july} is my favorite holiday. it always has been. since i was a kid. i get so excited the few days before the {4th}. i am pumped! i make the kids shirts each year. this year i let the kids theirs out. here is what jt picked out:
sew the letter off center. or put it on the back shoulder.
the 'j' is about 3 1/2 inches from the right seam.

old navy shirt
2 color scraps of fabric
wonder under

traced the letter backwards on the wonder under
cut it out.
fused it to the second piece of fabric.
cut around.
fused to the shirt.
sewed the letter down using a double stitch to make it stand out.
and done. {fourth of july shirt} that he can wear again.
& it is so much cuter than the ones from old navy or target.

{keep following. will pick a necklace winner this weekend}

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  1. suummy sum sum....can you give me a slice a ur talent ;) no i'm kidding girl. your blog giveaway was so fun!


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