betty ball success.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

these {images} are from our vintage [camping themed] event for the woman of university fellowship church.the centerpieces on the tables sat on vintage table cloths. i struggled to figure out with how to keep our camping theme and still make it cute. well... low and behold i figured it out. outdoorsy centerpieces. i will pass how to along soon. it was easy (for me) maybe not for todd.

we had t-shirts (for a small donation) created by katy putnam with kapart & they were amazing.

a creation made by tonie... s'mores cupcakes. uhmmm. yes they were delicious. seriously delicious. i actually ate them (if you know me i don't eat sugar). i ate these. actually i ate 2. oh my yum.

more of tonie's creations. we did fondue chocolate dip for everything else.

the prize table.

the sign in table.

we made them sing campfire songs. they all did it.

we had a ball... well not really. we planned a 10 day event for the ladies of university fellowship church. each night/ day was an event that you could attend. i believe we ended up with 14 events over the course of the 10 days. you could pick and choose which event you went to. we named it 'camp betty'... kind of an urban camp where you slept at home, spend moments with your family, and then escaped for a little adventure when you could. at the end... we had a ball with a 'camping' theme... going along with the 'camp betty' name. everyone used their talents & it turned out marvelous. we had vintage camping outdoor centerpieces (which i did... and am oh so proud of). cupcakes created to be s'mores by our 'wonderful cooker' (jeremy calls her this) tonie. entertainment by brenda who has so much energy it sick. it is amazing how when we mesh our gifts... amazing things happen.


  1. Love the idea of the S'more cupcakes. Do you know what kind of frosting it was?

  2. she made homemade marshmallow piped it on, & used a torch to toast it. what you can't see is there is ganache in the center between the cupcake and the marshmallow topping. she also made a graham cracker cupcake.

  3. Wow! Much more than I thought! Neat idea, thanks for sharing!

  4. I am a friend or the Herveys and decide to check out your blog, because she said you were amazing!! I love your blog and wow!! The ladies beautiful.
    And I am so sorry about the loss of your beloved dad. I lost my mom in 2008,,,,,I've never been the same.
    I'm glad i ventured was a blessing
    Darla Maciel
    Ventura, CA


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