last minute gifts.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

nothing like waiting to the last minute. this morning marks the last day of my sweet girls adventures in 1st grade. when i pick up from school today... i will have a second grader. which completely blows my mind. yesterday i set out to make a few little things for ash's teacher {who has loved her for the last 2 1/2 months since we moved up here}.

made a super cute clipboard {will show more about that another day}. red glittered clothes pins. cards that have her name on them (if you enlarge this image, you will see the cards which we made here at home with creative writing on the computer). a pencil bag filled with pencils. flower magnets. finishing it off tom sawyer style. remember reading tom sawyer/ huck finn & the image of them carrying their belongings in a sack tied to a stick? this is my version of that image rolling through my head & finished of with a #1 tag... because it is 1st grade.

here is why i waited so long. one of her gifts from her students. note cards with their hand prints or feet prints looking like flowers. tied up with a burlap bag, twine, & finished with a little flower. scanned all the little hands and feet. cropped the pictures. downloaded them to picnik and put 4 pictures on 1 card. they turned out so sweet.


  1. So cute! I love your creativity!

  2. thanks jess. it is most definitely fun! but i get so crazy when i wait to the last minute.

  3. Summer, you amaze me every day! Love you friend. Oh and I also love it when your idea of a last minute gift involves all beautiful, hand made wonders. You do know to much the rest of the world, a last minute gift includes a quick trip to Target, right? :) Miss you!!


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