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Monday, May 10, 2010

after losing my dad to a long battle with cancer back in march 26th, 2009, i thought my life had hit rock bottom. for that moment it did. i had allowed myself to sink super low into my own despair. my dad was so much more than just a dad. he was a symbol of love. trust. strength. hope. friendship. courage. he represented who i wanted to be.

and in the blink of an eye... he was gone. we were left without him (i have a sister & a brother). my brother was there minutes after he had died... maybe while he was dying. while they were calling the time of death, we were on the phone together. those moments haunt me almost daily. i had fallen on the ground crying. hearing my little big brother screaming in a way that i have never heard, yelling... 'he's gone summer... he's gone.' laying there crying, todd (husband) comforting me, watching ash usher jeremy out to the car to leave, i knew it was time to gain composure and press through the heartache.

the last year has been tough, but now i have a small way to honor his memory. he gifted st. jude childrens hospital with donations. here is the link to the hospital website. so i want to bring a little bit of awareness to the hospital.  you can donate on their website.  please check it out.  the stories of the families are so touching.

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  1. how exciting, Summer! =) I love it. You're gonna have to write a post about the new name...since i KNOW it has a story behind it! it just has to, with such a sweet and whimsical sound! =)


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