bean bag project.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

these super easy bean bags & carry bag are not only easy to make, but fun for the kids too. here are the steps to creating your own bean bag game set.


1. cut 4.5" squares in a variety of fabric. i am using 3 coordinating colors, but you can use just two. cute enough to make at least 6 bean bags (2 squares make a bean bag).

2. with right sides together, stitch a 1/4" seam around all 4 corners and sides of bean bag, leaving a 2" opening to put the beans into the bag. (start about 1.5" from corner).

3. snip corners before you turn out. don't clip the seam.

4. fill bean bags with pinto beans (a heaping 1/3 cup of beans is perfect)... not pictured.

5. you could hang stitch the seam, however i used my machine because because the bags are going to be thrown and the machine insures a much more stable seam.

(this is the most time consuming part)

1. cut a 10"x11" square of fabric for bag.

2. using left over bean bag fabric, iron wonder under onto the back fabric. cut any shape you want out of the fabric. this is going to go on the front of the bag for a little embellishment.

3. peel off the wonder under backing. center & iron embellishment onto the front of the bag.

4. using a fun stitch, secure embellishment onto bag.

5. with right sides together pin bag. on one long edge of the bag, mark 1" from the top & 3" from the top.

6. start sewing with 1/2 " seam allowance opposite side of the marking made previously.
7. sew up to the 3" from top mark. be sure to back stitch. sew the remaining 1" to the top. back stitch. leave the opening.
8. press open seam of bag.

9. stitch around opening to secure the flaps down.

10. fold over about 1/2". press seam.

11. fold remaining edge. match up the bottoms of opening of ribbon holes. stitch around top of bag. make sure you have enough room to put your ribbon thru. sewed close to the left hand edge.

12. flip right side out.

13. cut ribbon enough to have 4" out of bag. feed through bag using safety pin.

14. tie off ribbon.

15. fill bag. & have fun! the bean bag ideas will be posted tomorrow.

***also, if you don't sew, hop on over to the firefly moon shop... i made a few for those who just want to purchase. 50% of this purchase will be donated to st. jude childrens hospital

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