bean bag games.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

we played toss.

in typical boy fashion... jt needed to see how high he could get the bean bag.
we tried to juggle.
we threw up all the bean bags into the air to see how many we could catch.

bean bag game ideas
#1 rule... have fun & be creative.

1. play hot potato
2. play bean bag toss (have as many groups as you have bean bags.
3. using cardboard: cut out circles, label the circles (this would be a great way to add a little education into a game. label the circles with numbers. your kiddos can try and get the bean bag into the number, repeating what the number it. try addition, subtraction, letters). lean it up against a wall. & toss
4. using cardboard: draw circles on the cardboard. see who can get it closest to the center. think darts, minus the sharp edge, add soft bean bag... not hanging on the wall. laying on the floor. you can knock someones bean bag out of the way.
5. basket toss. first person to 5 wins.

bean bag challenges:
1. set up a variety of hoops, baskets, & containers @ a variety of locations. have throwing practice. make it fun. whoever makes it into all targets first or the quickest wins.
2. relay races while balancing the bean bag on head, shoulder, nose, foot, etc.
3. throw bean bag straight up, spin, & catch.
4. throw bean bag straight up & catch on your foot.
5. throw bean bag straight up, clap, & catch. see how many times you can clap while the bean bag is in the air.
6. throw bean bag up & catch it behind you or on your back.
7. try juggling the bean bags. start with one... add another one... then try a third.
8. close your eyes. throw the bean bag up and try to catch it.
9. toss all the bean bags up at the same time. see how many you can catch.
10. balance one on each shoulder, one on you head, relay.

this is great for a rainy day. trust me... i have learned! we have a lot of rainy days up here.

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