beading with kids.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

yesterday i set out to go and explore the local bead shop. a shop that has a kids play space while parents shop (brilliant by the way). everything neat and tidy. a fun place to go and explore.

while there {with the kids}... jt came to me and said that he would love to make a bracelet for his teacher {his sunday school teacher amber... i think he has a crush on her. she is a high school girl & so sweet}. as, of course, i always want to show appreciation to the people that encourage my kids, i told him YES! ash jumped on board & they set out to find the perfect beads. [of course they needed to find beads to make themselves bracelets too]. check out your local bead store. they usually have a sale section (good beads @ a good price).

when beading with kids:
- i allowed my kids to find 1 special bead & then beads that match/ contrast the 'special bead'
- have a flat surface and a tray (or a plate).
- put a towel down to prevent bead from rolling.
- attach the clasp first using a beading wire, cable guard & crimping bead.
- while you do that have the kids place the beads in a 'pattern' that they would like.
- allow them to string it on.
- attach a chain or a closed jump ring.
- package pretty.
- don't forget to have fun!

the kids also added a card to give to their teachers. they are so excited for church on sunday. it is a beautiful thing to see my kids want to be giving. & creative. it is amazing to watch their difference too.

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